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[Upgrade] 1.0.0.

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2el5lbc.png English USA

Update 1.0.0.

- Fixed Job Master, Quest Alchemist reduction of minifurnaces from 300 to 30.

- Fixed Job Master, Quest Wizard pedia double blue gemstone.

- Fixed Novice Training Messages with the name of the server

- The 100% exp event is removed.

- Removes the potions of the monsters.

- Fixed quest "Friendship quest" error "Foulgueg detected"

- Fixed Warp to Rachel City

- Fixed read errors in Novice Grounds.

- Removed @go. - Fixed the Warp to Pyramids.

- Fishing event added (info coming soon)

- Double event is added (info coming soon)


rvdgk2.png Spanish

Actualización 1.0.0.

- Corregido Job Master, Quest Alchemist reduccion de minifurnaces de 300 a 30.

- Corregido Job Master, Quest Wizard pedia doble blue gemstone.

- Corregido Mensajes de Novice Training con el nombre del servidor

- Se remueve el evento de exp 100%.

- Se remueve pociones de los monster.

- Corregido la quest "Friendship quest" error  "Foul languague detected"

- Corregido Warp a Rachel City

- Corregido errores de lectura en Novice Grounds.

- Removido @go.

- Corregido el Warp a Pyramids.

- Se añade evento de pesca(info próximamente)

- Se añade evento doble (info próximamente)


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