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Se va a cambiar los premios del @getreward para que sea mas apetecible conectarse cada dia.

os dejo la lista de la recompensa.

Day_1  2  Elunium
Day_2  2  Oridecon
Day_3  5  Yggdrasil berry
Day_4  5  lvl_10 agi scroll
Day_5  5  lvl_10 Bless scroll
Day_6  2  Enriched Eluniun
Day_7  2  Enriched Oridecon
Day_8  8  Event_Coin
Day_9  10 Elemental_fire convert
Day_10 10 Elemental_water convert
Day_11 10 Elemental_earth convert
Day_12 10 Elemental_wind convert
Day_13 1  Old card album
Day_14 1  Bloody Branch
Day_15 10 Tokens of Siegfried
Day_16 8  Event coin
Day_17 25 Giant Fly wings
Day_18 5  kafra card
Day_19 2  Convex mirror
Day_20 1  Taming box
Day_21 2  Bubble gum
Day_22 2  Battle manual
Day_23 2  Treasure box
Day_24 10 Gym Pass
Day_25 1  Old card album
Day_26 10 Hp increase potion
Day_27 10 Sp increase potion
Day_28 2  Bloody Branch
Day_29 8 Event coin
Day_30 1 Mystical card album


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