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Guild Pack

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2el5lbc.png English USA

The guild pack were created to attract more people and groups of people to the server, in order to have more diversity among users.


To request it, it is necessary to create a theme in this same "Guild Pack" forum with the following information:

Requirements to request the Guild Pack

  • Name of the guild:
  • Nick of the leader:
  • Number of participants:
  • Forum or facebook group:
  • Other Information:

rvdgk2.png Spanish

Los guild pack fueron creados para atraer mas personas y grupos de personas al servidor, para asi tener mayor diversidad entre los usuarios.

Para solicitarlo es necesario crear un tema en este mismo foro "Guild Pack" con la siguiente información:

Requisitos para solicitar el Guild Pack

  • Nombre del gremio:
  • Nick del líder:
  • Número de participantes:
  • Foro o grupo de facebook:
  • Información:



Guild Pack x5

1x emperium                                  

25x oridecons                                      

25x eluniums                                       

Giant Fly Wing box 50ud                   

battle manual  5ud                      

red gemstone 50ud                           

blue gemstone 50ud                         

yellow gemstone 50ud                     


Guild Pack x10

1x emperium                                       

50x oridecons                                      

50x eluniums                                       

Giant Fly Wing box 100ud                

battle manual  10ud                            

red gemstone 100ud                           

blue gemstone 100ud                         

yellow gemstone 100ud                    


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